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Case Studies

We know how to get results in highly-competitive spaces.

Customer Value
Management Company

This company came to us with little visibility in search engines for their target search terms, including the main service they offered. Through our search-intent-focused content strategy, white-hat link building, and optimizations, we achieved #1 rankings for multiple competitive topics, ranking above sites like Wikipedia, Harvard Business Review, Investopedia, Salesforce, and HubSpot. Due to our efforts traffic increased by 1084%.

Through our “Elevated SEO” approach, we brought in thousands of website visits from the company’s target audience, putting them on the map as a leader in their industry.


Digital Manufacturing

A well-funded startup, the creators of a leading digital manufacturing platform came to us struggling to rank for their target terms in search engines. Through large-scale, white-hat link building, a strong content strategy, and key technical optimizations, we were able to move multiple competitive target keywords from pages 4, 5, and 6 in Google to page 1, facilitating the doubling of their revenue from organic search compared to the prior year. Nearly a year later, these terms have held their ground and they have achieved #1 and featured snippet status for many other terms, including high-traffic industry terms, giving them even wider exposure to their target audience.


Law Firm Marketing

A national law firm digital marketing startup came to us as they began their journey to launch their own agency, breaking off from a larger niche marketing company. We operated as a white-label partner assisting in building their SEO processes and providing fulfillment from the ground up, ultimately working on nearly 100+ successful projects together.

The initial consulting we provided about running an agency, along with the client-facing work we did for them, helped to facilitate an incredibly strong entry to market with their SEO and PPC services, resulting in many early successes and ultimate elevation to a multi-million-dollar local law firm marketing agency with more than 50 five-star reviews.


Criminal Defense
Law Firm

This local criminal defense law firm came to us after working with a large, household-name law firm marketing agency who were not getting them the results they were paying for. We went to work elevating their SEO, achieving #1 rankings in both organic search and map listings for the MAJORITY of the firm's practice areas, increasing traffic by 1129.5%.

Through optimization, creative content creation, and white-hat link-building outreach, we obtained high-authority links from sites such as Yale Law School Law Library.