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Link Building

Connections that Move the Needle

Our link-building strategy had its beginnings in 2005 and was built on the foundation of making white-hat connections with other quality websites in a way that directly influences rankings in Organic Search.

Get Results with Our
Link Building System

Our link building process was born in 2005 when many SEO practitioners were engaging in Wild West link building, getting any links available. Even in those beginning years of SEO, our founder recognized the need for direct outreach to high quality, relevant websites. Refined over 17 years, our system results in a powerful service that moves the needle for our clients.

When combined with an effective content strategy, white-hat link building is still the biggest needle mover in Google.

— Doug Walker
CEO, iOutrank, Inc.

link building FAQs

Content Strategy

Who writes the content?

Our content is written by subject matter experts, who have had a career related to the topic. For example, content for our law firm clients is written by attorneys.

In your content process, what does "Graphic and Development Ideation” mean?

If we feel that to have the highest chance of ranking high a piece of content needs additional graphics, images, or web development, our team will come up with the ideas and do the work.

How much content do you provide?

Depending on your goals, competitiveness in your niche, and timeline, we will specify a fixed amount of words per month to be provided within the recommended budget.

Will we be able to review the content prior to publishing?

Yes, absolutely. We will provide the content for your review and take care of any edits or changes prior to publishing.

How do you decide what content to write?

Our content strategy system has been developed over 17 years and involves many steps and analysis points that help us work backward from your goals to create the content needed to rank high for your target topics.

Can you work with branding and style guides when writing content?

Definitely. We have our own branding and style guides that we follow for our own content and we work with clients’ guides all the time.


What exactly do you "optimize"?

The “optimize” in search engine optimization includes all elements of SEO, i.e. content, link building, technical website-wide and individual page optimization. Within our services we think of “Optimization” as your website’s Technical SEO and “On-Page” Optimization. We also look at User Experience, Brand Signals, and Conversion Optimization, as these are important for SEO.

How important are "Core Web Vitals"?

User experience is extremely important for SEO and core web vitals are about providing “unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web.” Page load times are an important part of core web vitals and site speed is a direct SEO signal. While not a higher priority than creating great content and earning backlinks, they are still important to your strategy.

What if our page load times are slow?

We can help support your development team to make improvements in these areas if needed. Slow load times are important to fix, but they don’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to make progress in elevating your rankings and traffic.

Can you work with any CMS?

Yes, generally we can do site and page optimizations with whatever CMS you are using. For the more technical core web vitals work, we can guide you, but your own development team will need to apply the improvements.

Can you help with user-experience optimization?

Yes, we will provide feedback for you that you can consider implementing on your own.

What is "brand signals" optimization?

This involves managing reputation and brand signals from across the web. The more quality brand signals that are coming from external sources, the more search engines will acknowledge the importance of the brand.

Reporting & Analytics

Do you provide reports?

Yes, clients get access to a custom dashboard and we send monthly reports, which we review with you in a monthly meeting. In addition to reporting on rankings, traffic, and other metrics, reports include what we’ve been working on each month.

Can you assist us with advanced analytics setup and configuration?

Yes, our team will assist with setting up best practice configurations within your analytics solution.

Can you customize dashboards and reports?

Yes, it is important to us that our reporting is customized with the metrics most important to you and which will provide actionable insights. 

Working with Us

Can you work with a budget lower than $2,500 per month?

Because our service is premium our monthly pricing generally starts at $2,500 per month. If you have a smaller budget to start, just let us know and we'll tell you what we can do with that budget. We do offer some "foundation builder" packages at a lower price. 

Can you work with billing methods other than automated payments through credit card or ACH?

At this time, this is the only option for billing. We have found that automated payments is the only viable way to keep business and services running smoothly.

Why is the work in month one analysis and strategy creation only?

Our intensive month-one analysis and strategy creation are extensive, complex, and absolutely critical to creating the specific plan that will drive future success and get you results.

What reports do you provide?

You will have access to a reporting dashboard and receive a monthly report detailing the progress in rankings, traffic, and other metrics, as well as our activities for that month.

Billing & Payment

Can you work with billing methods other than automated payments through credit card or ACH?

At this time, this is the only option for billing. We have found that automated, recurring payments is the only viable way to keep business and services running smoothly.

What are the details of your billing?

Payments are collected through automatic, recurring ACH or Credit Card payments, facilitated securely through HubSpot & Stripe. Read more Credit Card Payments: Please note that credit card payments will have an additional 3% fee added. ACH payments do not have a fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our focus on results and satisfied customers fosters long-term partnerships, but in the unlikely event you need to cancel our services for any reason, we do require 60 days' notice. Some of our processes require us to work ahead and this timeframe also gives us ample time to properly close out the engagement and assist you with the transition.

Contract & Policies

Do you require long-term contracts?

Because SEO is a long game, our standard contract is six months followed by month-to-month after that. Contact us if you want to discuss a shorter contract length. 

Can I read your contract prior to requesting a proposal?

Of course! Take a look at our contract here.

How are your contracts executed?

Our proposals are an all-in-one, online document and the signatures are executed electronically within this document. 

White-Hat Link Building: The Essential Roadmap to Acquiring Impactful Links

Link Building isn't rocket science and there is no secret sauce. It's mostly about creating high-quality content that is relevant and useful to your target audience and then promoting it. Learn how you can master this highly-impactful SEO element.


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Our success in link building for our clients has been consistent and predictable, developed over 17 years in the trenches of SEO. Very few agencies spend the time and effort to get this aspect of SEO right. If your SEO agency or in-house SEO team aren't effective, white-hat link builders, stop wasting budget and give us a chance to show you how it's done.